Cultivating a community of leaders, thinkers, and doers to find and reach
their greatest potential.




A collaborative space. Big spacious tables for working, soft couches for meeting, hot coffee for drinking, fast internet for... internetting.

Instead of hanging out at Starbucks with the loud "businessman" on a cell phone, and the group of over-zealous gossipers, spend a day in this space. You'll be surrounded by other creative professionals who share your passion for launching something new and fresh.


  • Come and hold your creative meeting here, cast your screen to the 100 inch projection wall. 
  • Working on a podcast? We can set you up in a recording booth so you arrive home with an audio file ready for casting. Need some editing? We can help with that too.
  • Need a promo video shot? We've got an in house video studio with fresnel lighting so your video content looks AND sounds professional. Don't know how to run a camera any larger than an iPhone? We have someone in-house that can help. Oh, and we do photos too.
  • Designated offices. If you're a business looking to make the next step past your garage or bedroom closet, we have designated offices available. Come in here, make yourself at home, and get organized. They're old jail cells. So don't expect a boring cubicle with dead, fluorescent lighting.