A New Artisan Metalworker Has Moved to Hogansville!

Eagle River Forge.

Join us in welcoming a new neighbor to town—and an exciting business. Eagle River Forge. We were first introduced to Mitch Kernodle at the Hummingbird festival, where he had a booth showcasing some of his artwork. This sparked a conversation that brought us to realize how closely our goals and vision aligned with Mitch's. He has a passion to share the industrial arts with the world. He also has a shared vision for what a small town community like Hogansville can become—in other words, he closely dovetailed with everything we had been working on. This is exactly the kind of operation and artisan we had been searching for.

At the time we spoke to him at the Hummingbird Festival, he was actively looking for a larger space to grow his operation. We saw this opportunity and cast the vision of him relocating his forge to our community. 

Six months later—he just purchased a warehouse near town center.

Mitch has grand plans for his new Hogansville shop -- it’s exciting that someone with such a track record has decided to relocate their operation here. We believe this is going to be a huge development for the city, not only in new jobs and learning opportunities, but also by having a renowned artist and craftsman with a studio and shop right here in central Hogansville.

FullSizeRender 92.jpg


Let’s look at some of the exciting projects and plans Mitch has for his shop:

METAL FABRICATION SHOP. First and foremost is the breadwinner: metal fabrication. Mitch will immediately need to staff his shop with welders—providing great job opportunities and learning experiences for Hogansville residents. And of course, any business entering our city is a positive development, and something we should support fully.

INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Mitch is a skilled creative, with great design chops and an artistic flair. He’s featured his work all over the country. One future project will be to create a showroom for his pieces.


Picture this: a unique artist exhibiting his high-quality work in Hogansville. It’s a great addition to our city.


APPRENTICESHIP AND LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES. Mitch has a passion for educating this generation in welding and metalwork, trades that are slowly being lost. In the past, he’s been part of makers' spaces where he’s instructed others in the metallurgic arts. He’s looking to bring that focus and energy to Hogansville. How great would it be to expose our youth to the world of metalworking? Welding is a sought after trade, and that’s just one of the skillsets that Eagle River Forge will be instructing and developing in the near future. Look for more to come!


PARTNERSHIP WITH LOCAL CRAFTSMEN. As you can see in the photos, this warehouse is a massive space. There’s plenty of opportunity for the growth and expansion of Mitch’s vision and mission. One local business, Arrowhead Trading Company, will be moving its operations into this space as well. Arrowhead Trading Company is a furniture company headed up by our own founder, Jake Ayers. By working in tandem with Eagle River Forge, they’ll develop some truly unique and top-of-the-line metal/lumber industrial style furniture. We can’t wait to see the direction this partnership goes!



We hope this is only the beginning of artisans and creatives such as Mitch choosing to locate their headquarters in Hogansville.

It’s a town full of opportunity and blank canvases.

Welcome to HGVL, Mitch, we eagerly await the projects and creations that will leap from your forge!


Mitch will be taking place in our first HGVL Market Day on May 13th. If you want more info, or are interested in becoming a vendor, click here.